IEEE DiscoveryPoint was built to support the many stages of product development. Whether you work in research, development, design, or involved in multiple engineering areas, IEEE DiscoveryPoint can help you quickly find the information you need to move your projects forward.

Explore the different phases of product development below and learn about the workflow solutions IEEE DiscoveryPoint can bring to your organization.

Your Research Workflow

Idea Generation
  • Discover areas of technology that offer opportunities for growth
  • Identify a market problem and explore concepts that present possible solutions
  • Brainstorm ideas for new products with colleagues
Idea Screening
  • Perform market and competitive research and outline potential risks
  • Assess product ideas for viability and practicality

Our Solutions

  • Learn about new technology concepts in the Research channel from trusted industry sources
  • Quickly find information to support decision-making with the platform’s Insights and Topics tools
  • Find trends and evaluate the current state of the market by searching Industry News, Blogs, and Dashboards
  • Drive brainstorm sessions by sharing content with colleagues using the platform’s Collaboration tools

Your Development Workflow

Product Definition
  • Refine product concept to ensure customer needs are met
  • Define core functionality
  • Translate concept into specific specs or requirements
  • Gather information from potential suppliers
  • Perform a comprehensive business analysis on competitive landscape, distribution strategy, etc.
  • Estimate production budget and development costs

Our Solutions

  • Ensure product specs are compliant by referencing essential guidelines in the Standards channel
  • Find supplier information on parts or components by exploring a vast repository of Vendor Solutions
  • Garner go-to-market best practices from insights and case studies covered in White Papers
  • Gather current market research for planning and business analysis from the Industry News and Blogs channels

Your Design Workflow

  • Develop a prototype of the product to review with key stakeholders
  • Create a detailed business plan to justify product launch
Detailed Design
  • Refine design based on known technology and optimize for production
  • Finalize vendors and materials needed for production
Validation and Testing
  • Gather feedback from customers
  • Assess product viability in the market
  • Troubleshoot any issues uncovered in testing
  • Establish final go-to-market plans

Our Solutions

  • Optimize your product design and finalize your business plan by comparing hundreds of different Vendor Solutions
  • Gather feedback on new products or prototypes by finding and attending relevant Industry Events
  • Garner design best practices and effective testing methods from insights and case studies in White Papers
  • Enrich your knowledge of technical concepts via eBooks and Online Courses to improve your product design