Practicing engineers are challenged with increasingly complex projects that require fast problem-solving to meet market demands. The information they need is typically scattered across various sources, and finding relevant and trustworthy results is often frustrating and time-consuming.

IEEE DiscoveryPoint was created to be the one platform for time-strapped engineers in communications to easily find reliable product design and development solutions, and ultimately, improve their workflow.

Overcome information overload.

The abundance of information available today is overwhelming. Traditional search engines are imprecise, and engineers often have to sift through outdated, unreliable, and irrelevant results.

IEEE DiscoveryPoint focuses specifically on communications-related content from trusted sources so that you can easily pinpoint credible, project-related information.

Find relevant content more effectively and efficiently.

As engineers go through the product design workflow, they require different types of information from multiple sources. With relevancy search, IEEE DiscoveryPoint returns only the most applicable information and then organizes the results in resource-specific  channels, making it easier for you to browse different content types cohesively.

Quickly identify key concepts.

Technical documents are often lengthy, and finding important information is difficult when digging through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pages. Using machine learning, IEEE DiscoveryPoint automatically generates and extracts key Insights from your results, highlighting the most relevant snippets from the full-text based on your search query.

The Topics tool uses a proprietary, expert-maintained taxonomy and allows you to refine your search based on important industry topics and entities related to your query, including authors, companies, strategic scenarios, and more.

Professional engineer in a research laboratory

Learn from practical, business applications of technical information.

IEEE DiscoveryPoint was created for engineers in industry and focuses on providing practical data for real-world projects. In addition to the traditional research needed to understand technology and take products to development, the platform also provides essential information to help practitioners create functional designs optimized for production.

Young engineer works with electronic equipment in research facility

Accelerate your project workflow.

Take advantage of IEEE DiscoveryPoint’s custom Dashboards, alerts, saved searches, bookmarks, and collaboration tools to work through projects in less time and avoid duplicative queries.

Take the first step towards optimizing your product design and improving your workflow.