IEEE DiscoveryPoint improves decision-making for practicing engineers by providing expertly curated, communications-focused content on a platform built to support a dynamic workflow. Content for each stage of the product design workflow is presented by category, including:

Full-Text Research Documents
Parts & Components
Industry News, Blogs, and White Paper Sources
Online Courses
eBook Titles
Industry Events
Curated Dashboards on Hot Topics

Explore new opportunities with research & development content.

Cutting Edge, Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Conference Papers

Develop new technologies based on the latest “state of the art” from the industry’s most trusted sources, including full-text journals and conference proceedings from IEEE and SMPTE.

Industry Critical Standards

Ensure the compliance and interoperability of product developments by referencing communications-relevant standards published by IEEE, ITU-T, IETF, and more.

Transform ideas into marketable products.

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Vast Repository of Manufacturer Parts & Components

With access to our partner database, Octopart, search and compare solutions from hundreds of distributors and thousands of manufacturers. Optimize your product design by integrating parts and components from manufacturers in the market.

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Industry White Papers

Stay up-to-date on best practices with direct access to authoritative reports, position papers, and analysis from manufacturers and industry organizations.

Keep up with competitors and industry trends.

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Latest Industry & Product News

Stay informed with the latest news on the communications industry and product developments. Keep track of announcements related to your competitors and clients, and monitor the industry’s trajectory.

Discussion from Blogs & Commentary

Get key insights and news-based analysis from industry experts on trending topics related to product design and development. Read commentary from both technical and business perspectives on important technology-related issues.

Industry Events

Learn from other organizations as they present solutions at technology conferences and showcase new products at trade shows. Consider upcoming events to attend in-person or virtually for networking with peers and making new connections.

Expand your technical knowledge.

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Online Courses, Tutorials & Webinars

Stay current on new technology concepts and keep your core skills up-to-date with online, self-paced educational courses from IEEE and manufacturer sources. Led by industry experts, these courses are designed to support engineers as technology continues to evolve.

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Enrich your understanding of emerging technologies with access to communications-related eBook titles from leading publishers, including River Publishers and Now Publishers.

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Queries created and maintained by subject matter experts, Dashboards provide quick access to current coverage of hot topics that engineers in communications need to understand and track, WiFi 6, cloud computing, IoT, and blockchain.

Take the first step towards optimizing your product design and improving your workflow.