Video: Real-world Engineering Projects

IEEE subject matter experts curate the content on IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications to support real-world engineering projects related to communications technologies.

Resources are presented for every stage of the product design workflow, enabling engineers to access essential information from research documents, standards, parts and components, industry news, blogs, white papers, and more.

Watch the video below to see a practical application of IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications. It highlights a scenario in which a mobile phone designer needs to understand how better to provide a battery load balance of a 300-milliamp battery to minimize charge drainage. Learn more about the search quarry method and how results are clearly organized in distinct channels and categorized by content-type dashboards.

With access to problem-solving content on IEEE DiscoveryPoint, engineers can spend less time searching and more time discovering solutions to optimize, improve, and innovate high-quality products. The platform enhances the research process by finding relevant and accurate sources more efficiently.

Take the first step towards optimizing your product design and improving your workflow.