Video: IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications Books Channel Tour

The Books Channel on IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications provides engineers with in-depth knowledge and insights to stay updated on rapidly evolving technologies.

Explore the Books Channel on the IEEE DiscoveryPoint platform in this short video

With the IEEE DiscoveryPoint Books Channel, engineers can access over 1,300 communications-related books from leading publishers, including River Publishers, Now Publishers, and Wiley Press. These books enrich knowledge of emerging technologies and play a key role in an engineer’s professional development.

Graphic artwork of a 3D book in a laptop screen

Books are Indispensable Tools for Engineers

They offer comprehensive knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, and access to standards that are essential for success in the engineering field.

Expand Your Technical Knowledge

Enrich your understanding of emerging technologies with access to communications-related eBook titles from leading publishers.

Engineers rely on these references throughout their careers to design, analyze, and innovate in various engineering disciplines.

Learn more about the collection in the IEEE DiscoveryPoint Books Channel.