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Important Advantages of Books that Empower Engineers

Important Advantages of Books that Empower Engineers 786 432 IEEE DiscoveryPoint

Books are an essential source of knowledge in engineering, providing in-depth knowledge and insights that allow researchers and engineers to stay updated on rapidly evolving technologies. They cover fundamental principles, theories, and concepts that engineers must understand and often refer back to for various reasons, including education, professional development, and continued learning. Books provide a wealth of knowledge and contribute to the growth and advancement of the engineering field. 

Engineers engaged in research and innovation rely on books and academic publications to explore the latest research findings and build on existing knowledge for product development. With IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications, engineers can search hundreds of vetted sources for communications-specific solutions. The expertly curated content to support each stage of the product design workflow is presented by channels to enable faster searching. With the IEEE DiscoveryPoint Books Channel, engineers can access over 1300 communications-related books from leading publishers, including River Publishers, Now Publishers, and Wiley Press. Books from these publishers enrich knowledge of emerging technologies and play a key role in an engineer’s professional development.

Books are indispensable tools for engineers.

They offer comprehensive knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, and access to standards that are essential for success in the engineering field. Engineers rely on these references throughout their careers to design, analyze, and innovate in various engineering disciplines.

New books are constantly added to IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications.

IEEE works with specific publishers to select and include the highest-quality publications for inclusion. These books are designed to provide in-depth insights into various aspects of technology and engineering, often focusing on emerging or specialized topics within the field. The topics covered on IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications range from artificial intelligence and machine learning to renewable energy, telecommunications, and more. New book content is reviewed and selected for inclusion in DiscoveryPoint on a quarterly basis.

Discover popular books available on the IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications platform:

Advanced Antenna Array Engineering for 6G and Beyond Wireless Communications 

IEEE-Wiley eBook, Advanced Antenna Array Engineering for 6G and Beyond Wireless CommunicationsReview advances in the design and deployment of antenna arrays for future generations of wireless communication systems in this book by Richard W Ziolkowski and Yingjie Jay Guo. Offering new solutions for the telecommunications industry, Advanced Antenna Array Engineering for 6G and Beyond Wireless Communications addresses the challenges in designing and deploying antennas and antenna arrays that deliver 6G and beyond performance with high energy efficiency and possess the capability of being immune to interference caused by different systems mounted on the same platforms. This timely and authoritative volume presents innovative solutions for developing integrated communications networks of high-gain, individually-scannable, multi-beam antennas that are reconfigurable and conformable to all platforms, thus enabling the evolving integrated land, air, and space communications networks.

5G Explained: Security and Deployment of Advanced Mobile Communications  

5G Explained: Security and Deployment of Advanced Mobile CommunicationsExplained as a thorough yet concise introduction to recent advancements and growing trends in mobile telecommunications. In this case, Penttinen focuses on developing and employing 5G mobile networks and, more specifically, the challenges inherent in adjusting to new global standardization requirements and maintaining a high level of security even as mobile technology expands to new horizons. The text discusses, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT) and how to keep networks reliable and secure when constantly accessed by many different devices with varying levels of user involvement and competence.

Understanding Communications Systems Principles—A Tutorial Approach

Understanding Communications Systems Principles—A Tutorial ApproachWireless communications and sensing systems are nowadays ubiquitous; cell phones and automotive radars typifying two of the most familiar examples. This book introduces the field by addressing its fundamental principles, proceeding from its very beginnings up to today’s emerging technologies related to fifth-generation wireless systems (5G), Multi-Input Multiple Output (MIMO) connectivity, and Aerospace/Electronic Warfare Radar. The tone is tutorial. Problems are included at the end of each chapter to facilitate the understanding and assimilation of the material to electrical engineering undergraduate/graduate students and beginning and non-specialist professionals. Free temporary access to Keysight’s SystemVue system simulation is provided to further enhance reader learning through hands-on tutorial exercises. Author: Santos, Héctor J. De Los

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