Exploring Key Insights from the Annual Industry Report by Telecoms.com

Exploring Key Insights from the Annual Industry Report by Telecoms.com 768 432 IEEE DiscoveryPoint

Telecoms.com has released its annual survey results on the importance of the telecom industry’s role in people’s lives and the best ways for technical professionals to stay up to date with these demands and the evolving technology landscape. IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications was happy to sponsor this resource as the content relates to the information available in the IEEE DiscoveryPoint platform.  

The telecom industry survey findings reflect the positive sentiment, investment focus, and excitement surrounding the telecom industry’s performance, future outlook, and emerging technologies. Let’s explore some key factors contributing to this transformation:

The Power of 5G Technology

One of the most significant developments in the telecom industry is the rollout of 5G technology, and it’s no wonder it’s also a key insight from the telecoms industry survey. The majority of respondents believe investments in 5G standalone core (5G SA core) capabilities open up new possibilities for innovative services and applications. The standalone core provides a more scalable and flexible infrastructure, allowing telecom companies to meet growing demands. However, the migration to a 5G SA core is costly. 45% of respondents believe investments in 5G SA core is a key challenge for them as high network equipment and deployment costs are top concerns. When asked how they plan to recoup 5G network investments, 61% of the respondents agreed to generate new revenue streams from new 5G use cases’ and 5G enterprise and private networks topped the list as the most important use case categories.  

The Influence of Internet of Things (IoT)

Telecom networks are vital for facilitating communication between connected devices, such as smart home appliances, wearable devices, and other applications. During the telecom industry survey, respondents were asked to pick the most interesting uses of IoT and healthcare (61%), and connected vehicles (60%) topped the list. Connected cars were among the most interesting automotive IoT technologies, and security was a top risk associated with IoT. 

The Importance of Data Privacy and Security

The survey findings reflect that ensuring data privacy and security has become a paramount concern and a top-priority investment area. As the telecom industry becomes more data-driven, companies are investing in robust security measures to protect customer data and comply with regulations. The industry has seen an accelerated increase in the number of cyberattacks and threats in recent years, and the survey reflected that. 41% of respondents selected security to be a top investment area for their organization. These investments can enhance telecom businesses’ overall performance and competitiveness in an evolving digital landscape. 

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