Transforming the Engineering Design Process Webinar Recording

Transforming the Engineering Design Process Webinar Recording 768 422 IEEE DiscoveryPoint

View the recording of a recent webinar “Transforming your Engineering Design Process to Leverage the Latest Digital and AI Technologies”. In this webinar, speakers Arun Sundararajan, David Ullman, and Mark Barragry explore how today’s telecom engineers and engineering leaders can leverage current trends and technology breakthroughs. These new methods and tools can be implemented to support the entire engineering design process better and increase design team agility, synergy, and productivity. 

Topics covered include:

  • Insights on the Future of Work for engineers
  • The importance of leveraging transformative technologies in the era of pandemic recovery
  • How do these technologies impact the engineering design process?
  • How should engineering managers be adapting team processes to fit the new workflow of a team and optimize advances in tech?
  • What are the biggest pain points and challenges for practicing design engineers?
  • How does IEEE DiscoveryPoint address these challenges?
  • Live Q&A: Ask the experts

Also learn more about IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications, an all-in-one platform where engineers can quickly find reliable design and development solutions by searching expertly-curated content focused on communications technologies. 

View the recording of the webinar.

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