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New Content Now Available in IEEE DiscoveryPoint

New Content Now Available in IEEE DiscoveryPoint 2560 1406 IEEE DiscoveryPoint

Designed specifically for engineers in industry, IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications provides practical research, data, and insights for your projects. In addition to more traditional research, the platform contains essential commentary and analysis from industry experts, empowering you to develop designs optimized for the real world. IEEE DiscoveryPoint, your gateway to cutting-edge knowledge, has just released a wave of exciting new content, now available through your subscription:

Topical Journals

Develop new technologies based on the latest “state of the art” from the industry’s most trusted source, including nine additional IEEE titles: IEEE Journal of Indoor and Seamless Positioning and Navigation, IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Sensors, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Technology Letters, IEEE Open Journal on Immersive Displays, IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Letters, IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems, IEEE Transactions on Machine Learning in Communications and Networking, and IEEE Transactions on Radar Systems.

News & Blogs

Get key insights and analysis from industry experts on trending topics. New sources include the Fiber Broadband Association, GSMA Latin America, The Register, SAE International, and Telecompetitor. These sources are known for their authoritative and up-to-date content, ensuring you stay informed of the latest industry trends. 


Custom dashboards provide quick access to current coverage of hot topics, including a new dashboard focusing on Satellite Communications (SatCom). The Security Surveillance dashboard has been decommissioned and migrated into the Cybersecurity dashboard, providing a more streamlined and focused view of security-related content.

Achieve More with IEEE DiscoveryPoint

IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications provides one-stop access to highly relevant, searchable, curated content from trusted sources. Find the content that’s most pertinent to your needs and improve your decision-making with IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications.

To access your subscription and start exploring the new content, visit the IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications platform.

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