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Identify Key Concepts with Insights Feature

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Technical documents are often lengthy, and finding important information is difficult when searching through dozens, sometimes hundreds of pages. A good way to find information quickly is to get to know your search engine – and if you’re using a subject-focused platform like IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications, there’s even more to leverage with advanced built-in features powered by AI and machine learning technology.

The Power of Insights

For each search query in IEEE DiscoveryPoint, machine learning works to extract brief, key points or Insights found in full-text content in research, books, standards, white papers, elearning and industry & product news.

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Avoid Future Search Pitfalls

The harsh truth is many companies are competing to increase their web rankings with content principles and techniques that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a result, often the top ranking open-source search results do not follow suit with helpful, credible solutions that communications-focused professionals are seeking.

Content in IEEE DiscoveryPoint, however, is chosen by IEEE subject-matter experts to support busy engineering teams with focused information and the Insights feature allows users to easily pinpoint relevant information in a matter of seconds!

Become a Savvy Researcher

With rapidly changing information, it’s important to be savvy with choosing content that is authoritative, current and useful. IEEE DiscoveryPoint contains a repository of focused, vetted information with features built to help users direct their focus to the most relevant materials.

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