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Follow Technical Topics with Expert Search Alerts

Follow Technical Topics with Expert Search Alerts 768 432 IEEE DiscoveryPoint

Technology is constantly evolving and engineering professionals must stay up to date on the latest topics and enhancements in the industry to effectively develop products and drive innovation. With information coming from so many disparate sources, it can be challenging to keep up with the most reliable, cutting-edge content in areas of expertise.

IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications makes it easy for practitioners to maintain the steady flow of information with built-in tools like Expert Search Alerts, that provide regular updates to subscribers on subject-focused topics such as 5G, 6G, AR/VR, mmWave, Cybersecurity, Remote Sensing, Telecom, Big Data, and Edge Computing. Tracking topics with Expert Search Alerts automates the tedious aspects of engineering and gives users a competitive edge.

What are Expert Searches?

Expert Searches are resource-specific topics and concepts chosen by IEEE Subject Matter Experts that bring the most pertinent documents and information in communications technology to the forefront. Designed to deliver search results with high precision, IEEE DiscoveryPoint users can use Expert Searches to browse and discover opportunities for innovation and growth.

Search tools, like Expert Search Alerts, are there to help users gain more control over their results to locate what they are looking for faster and track more of what they’re really interested in.

Subscribe to an Expert Search Alert

To subscribe to Expert Searches, log in to IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications and go to Advanced Search >> Expert Searches.

Click on any of the listed search links to launch the search and click on the RSS icon to follow an RSS feed of new search results or the Subscribe icon to receive periodic email updates.

Users may also subscribe to an Expert Search when viewing the results of the search, by clicking the Subscribe button on the right side of the search bar on the Search Results page.

IDPC Screenshot: Subscribe to an Expert Search Alert

Users can subscribe to email notifications based on frequency of alerts, with notification options: “Never”, “Every 4 Hours”, “Daily”, “Weekly” or “Monthly”.

Exclusive tools like Expert Search Alerts give engineering teams greater agility to work through projects more efficiently, with more time spent on innovation! To learn more about Expert Search Alerts, visit the Search Features category on the Search Features page in IEEE DiscoverPoint for Communications.

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