Discover Expertly Curated Content

Discover Expertly Curated Content

Discover Expertly Curated Content 768 432 IEEE DiscoveryPoint

Expertly Curated Content, Right at Your Fingertips

Dashboards on IEEE DiscoveryPoint are curated pages that highlight current status, latest updates, and trends in selected communications topics. When keywords from your search correlate with the subjects covered by the available Dashboards, Curated Dashboards on this Topic will appear on the results page as clickable thumbnail images.

  • Click on the Dashboards drop-down menu in the blue navigation bar.
  • Your Favorite Dashboards and Recent Dashboards will appear at the top of the drop-down list.
  • Click the Dashboard Directory to view all Dashboards.
  • You may see numbers in a green circle when viewing the Dashboard drop-down menu and Dashboard Directory. This indicates new content highlights which have been posted since your last Dashboard page visit.

Created and maintained by IEEE subject matter experts, Dashboards provide quick access to timely and relevant content on 30+ trending topics, including 5G, WIFI 6, AI, Edge Computing, and more.

Content for each Dashboard is curated based on currency and significance to the topic of interest from select sources including:

  • Research articles from journals and conferences
  • Recent reports and White Papers
  • Appropriate IEEE Standards
  • Relevant eLearning courses
  • News and commentary
  • Upcoming events and conferences

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