Collaboration Made Easy for Decentralized Teams

Collaboration Made Easy for the Hybrid Workforce

Collaboration Made Easy for the Hybrid Workforce 768 432 IEEE DiscoveryPoint

With more and more engineers working remotely and in many places around the globe, it is more important than ever to have the right tools to help you and your team effectively work together on projects and share ideas and resources. IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues across your organization with tools specially designed for the practicing engineer.

My Colleagues:

Use My Colleagues to connect and share content with other platform users in your organization. Invite your team to connect with you through this feature and share content you have discovered within the platform, making it easier to reference materials for projects, all in one place.

My Groups:

Use My Groups to collaborate with your connected colleagues in your organization around a specific topic. My Groups also allows you to share documents and participate in threaded discussions.

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