Advancing 5G

Download the survey report to explore some of the most critical deployment strategies toward advancing 5G technology.

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Advancing 5G survey report presents data insights and analysis from 120 industry professionals representing various organizations involved in 5G technology.

The annual industry survey aimed to discover how the industry is advancing 5G by taking stock of the progress 5G has made, uncovering the new trends and next steps, and discovering the industry’s views on the vital topic of 5G security.

This report presents an analysis of the survey data investigating the journey towards 5G-SA and its deployment strategies, the monetization of services to drive the greatest return on investment, top commercial capabilities, vendor partnership models, and the best ways to address the challenge of keeping up with knowledge on new technologies and upskilling of resources.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey report:

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The Value of 5G-SA

The respondents see a clear value in deploying 5G-SA, as three in four responded that they either have already completed standalone or will be rolling it out at some point in the next 4 years.

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5G Monetization Capabilities

Regarding monetization capabilities, 5G enterprise private networks are the obvious favorite capability, with nearly three in five votes.

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Security & Performance

About three in four participants believe security checks will likely negatively impact user performance in 5G enterprise networks. However, two in five believe testing will allow them to strike the right balance between security and user performance.

As telecommunications engineers devise new solutions, protocols and standards to address these trends and others, it will be critical to stay current of the latest developments via the use of trusted and comprehensive resources, such as IEEE DiscoveryPoint for Communications.
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